Expert Round Table

How is AI fostering individualization through new channels for apparel & fashion brands?

moderated by Josh Aberant

July 7th, 2020 10:00 - 10:45AM PST


In 2020, AI is helping apparel and fashion marketers create individualized life cycle journeys for all their customers and prospects - even anonymous visitors to their sites. This goes far beyond the personalization systems of past generation mar-tech stacks. With these AI powered individualized journeys, a marketer can learn about prospects and educate them at an individual level. This gives marketers tools beyond the all to common discounts to drive visitors through the funnel and accelerate the return on their ad spend.

Join Intellipse for a 45 minute live panel discussion and a chance to collaborate with other marketers in the space. The event will be co-hosted by Josh Aberant - former VP of Growth at Iterable & CMO at SparkPost.

First, Josh will review how AI is being used in apparel and fashion marketing today.

Then we'll jump into a discussion - looking at some real-world examples of AI powered marketing currently employed by fashion and apparel brands. We’ll have some quick presentations from your peers - marketers representing different brands - who will discuss how they're currently utilizing individualization and turn visits into recurring sales.


Josh Aberant


Josh is the former VP of Growth & Head of Marketing at Iterable and CMO of Sparkpost.

Bill Gilroy


Bill is Managing Partner at Whitebirch Consumer Partners. Investor in several brands - Faherty Brand, Draper James, Elder Statesman, J.Hilburn and many others.

Nick Kaplan


Nick is the Co-founder of Fashion to Figure & President of at Retailwinds, RTW.