How is AI Redefining Marketing for Beauty & Cosmetics?

by Josh Aberant // hosted by Intellipse


In a 30-minute discussion led by Josh Aberant, we'll review how AI is helping beauty marketers create individualized life cycle journeys, and what you can do to improve personalization capabilities.

You'll learn:

  • Recent advancement in individualized recommendations
  • What AI capabilities growth marketing platforms offer today
  • How can beauty brands go even further with personalization
  • How brands like Sephora and L'Oréal use AI to build better experiences
  • The future of AI in beauty


Josh previously served as an advisor & then VP of Growth at Iterable, and CMO at SparkPost. Prior to these, he served as Postmaster at Twitter. Josh co-founded RestEngine before the company was acquired by Twitter. At RestEngine he led the launch of its industry-leading social data outbound marketing automation platform. Josh has led teams at MarTech platform companies including Marketo and Lyris. He holds a Bachelor’s in Physics from San Francisco State University and was awarded the Faculty Prize in Physics from Bishop’s University.