Live Panel Discussion

How DTC brands drive growth without sacrificing brand equity?


Alyssa Warth

Director of Growth @ Beam

Keenan Davis

Senior Director of Marketing @ SVSound

Mick Burchfield

VP Ecommerce & Digital Marketing @ Reyn Spooner

Mehdi Samadi

CEO @ Intellipse

For DTC Brands, discounts & promotions might drive revenue but they eat into margins, lead to 1-time buyers, prevent brands from building 1:1 customer relationships, and they dilute brand image. Great customers, those who foster brand loyalty, are not price shoppers - so how can you break the cycle of offering discounts & promotions? 

Join us to learn first hand from our featured panelists - Mick, Alyssa & Keenan about the growth strategies they’re currently utilizing that positively impact brand equity. Then we’ll jump into a discussion on how to deploy intelligent alternative acquisition marketing strategies + leave time for Q&A. Hope you can make it!

Join us for this live panel discussion, you'll learn:

  • How discounting impacts long term sales?
  • What are the alternatives to discounts?
  • Is discounting inversely correlated with brand equity?
  • How to know which site prospects would purchase without a discount?
  • How to selectively offer discounts, using intelligent intent prediction?

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