E-commerce Trends & Tactics: Cosmetics + Personal Care Brands

August 19th, 2020 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Session Topic

The DTC Cosmetics & Personal Care space is rapidly evolving - as such evolutions occur, the brands that differentiate thrive. Cosmetics & Personal Care Brands are presented with new strategies, channels & metrics more so than ever before, but what works? What enables brands to differentiate?

Join us to hear first hand from our featured panelists, Alexis, Priya & Gabriel about their experiences as leaders within the Cosmetics + Personal Care space. They’ll tell us what has worked for them & what hasn’t…

Join Intellipse for a 60 minute live panel discussion - you’ll learn:

  • How is the DTC Cosmetics & Personal Care space evolving?
  • How can Cosmetics & Personal Care Brands continue to create self-optimized + tailored experiences for their customers?
  • How AI can help consumers determine what beauty products are best for their features?
  • How the narrative of sustainability (organic or clean beauty) is integrating itself within the Cosmetics & Personal Care space?
  • Growth strategies used by panelists: Alexis, Priya & Gabriel, at their respective Cosmetics + Personal Care Brands & throughout their careers.


Alexis Djeredjian

Digital Marketing & E-commerce expert, former VP, Digital Marketing @ LifeSeasons + former Digital Marketing Director @ NuFace

Mehdi Samadi

CEO at Intellipse. Former Founder & CEO @ Solvvy

Priya Prasad

Director of Growth @ Pangaea, including brands: Lumin & Meridian

Gabriel Wolff

Director of Growth @ Live Love Polish + former CEO @ Wink Frozen Desserts