Live Panel Discussion

Tactics + Strategies: Growing a DTC Cosmetics & Personal Care brand


Liz Flora

Senior Reporter, Beauty & Wellness @ Glossy

Iris Chan

Partner, International Client Development @ Digital Luxury Group (DLG)

Amanda Pond

Founder + CEO @ MOD Consulting

Chuck Cantrell

VP of eCommerce @ Luxie

Mehdi Samadi

CEO @ Intellipse

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Join us to learn about the growth of digitally native cosmetics and personal care brands! During the session, we’ll discuss strategies for analyzing customer behavior, collecting customer data, building brand loyalty, and decreasing CAC. For example, one of the speakers leveraged multiple data outlets to uncover that 25% of its customer base was actually male (a surprise to them at the time!) and created personalized experiences to increase revenue for that specific cohort.

Join us for this live panel discussion, you'll learn:

  • Which new trends are cosmetics and personal care consumers responding to?
  • How does granular customer data impact omnichannel marketing strategies?
  • How can individualized on-site customer experiences positively impact CAC?
  • How can behavioral customer data help cosmetics brands reach their intended audience (regardless of all the noise)?
  • How and why digitally native cosmetics & personal care brands are winning in this increasingly innovative space?

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