Data Driven Marketing: D2C Cosmetics & Personal Care

30-Minute Session - on Thursday 10/1 @ 10AM PST


Mehdi Samadi - CEO @ Intellipse

Prior to founding Intellipse - Mehdi received his PhD in AI at Carnegie Mellon, founded (founding CEO) Solvvy - an AI company automating customer support backed by some of the worlds top investors, and was recognized in Forbes "30 under 30" for Enterprise Technology.

Session Overview:

This session is specifically designed for D2C Cosmetics & Personal Care Marketers & Ecommerce professionals. We'll be giving brands the opportunity to learn about the AI-powered strategies their peers are implementing.

Innovative Cosmetics & Personal Care brands have adapted to this new normal by adding intelligence to their marketing stack. Join us as we unveil novel engagement mechanisms for Cosmetics & Personal Care brands that drive revenue like never before!

We'll Cover:

  • How AI is used by brands like Glossier, L'Oreal & Sephora for data-driven marketing?
  • How innovative Cosmetics brands are using AI to analyze selfies and provide personalized product recommendations?
  • How real-time interactive engagement enables Cosmetics & Personal Care brands to capture SMS leads & drive revenue?

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